‘STAM’ Mr A. Murzacz offers whole range of choices in universal metallurgical products e.g. for General purpose. It includes the following metallurgical products, all offered by the manufacturer, size and quality characteristics (click on the name of product to see the information about it):

  • Sheets
    • Hot-rolled sheet
    • rolled sheets
    • sheets of black
    • sheets of acid
    • a heat-resistant sheets
    • of galvanized sheets
    • the universal Plates
    • Plates coated with
    • the Boiler plates
    • the Trapezoidal
    • for Corrugated
    • the other sheets
  • Profiles
    • the I-beam
    • the channel
    • Profiles of the Equal
    • Profiles of unequal
    • of Squares
    • a Flat
    • the T-bars
  • Profiles
    • the closed square
    • the closed rectangular
  • Pipes
    • the pipe b / s
    • the pipe with / s
    • Precision tubes for b / s
    • the acid-resistant pipes
  • Rods
    • the rods simple
    • the rods wines
    • the ribbed bars
  • Welding consumables
    • the electrodes
    • the solid wire
    • the wires powder
    • the Welding Services

The basic elements that characterize our offer are:

  • payment terms
    (negotiating terms of payment)
  • The price of the goods
    do not use a rigid pricing on the materials offered, prices are negotiable with clients and depend on:
    • the range
    • of species
    • the quantity
  • the conditions of supply
    (We do not charge fees for providing the delivery service to the recipient)
  • Having a wide range of goods
    (we are able to meet the most demanding customer order)
  • large enough scale of operation
    (We have a wide audience base through qualified team of management, as well as dealing with direct trade).

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